J&R Tractor 57

The FasTrak™ SD is a true commercial-
grade mower, built for the homeowner who wants more of everything – more horsepower, wider tires, a welded steel deck and neighborhood braggin’ rights. SmoothTrak™ steering makes operating a breeze – from zero-turning in tight spaces to covering straightaways at an industry-setting 9 mph. Most importantly, the FasTrak SD delivers a professional Mcut every time. The FasTrak SD has it all, and can do it all.

48″,54″: 23HP* – FS691V
60″: 24HP* – FS730V

J&R Tractor 58

The FasTrak® SDX comes equipped with an upgraded custom seat, bigger tires, and a Kawasaki FX engine that provides strength and reliability. The FasTrak SDX is the perfect move for the contractor looking for all day performance at a value price.

54″,48″: 22HP* – FX691V
60″: 23.5HP* – FX730V

J&R Tractor 59

We designed the X-ONE™ mainframe with heavy-gauge rectangular tubing for strength. Then we narrowed the body, allowing the X-ONE to carry three different deck sizes to meet any user’s needs. With a top speed of 11 mph, the X-ONE makes quick work of the largest jobs. With VX4™ deck technology and SmoothTrak™ Steering, you get an ultra-clean cut and the famous Hustler feel, unparalleled in the zero-turn industry. With the perfect combination of power and versatility, the X-ONE can do it all.

48″, 54″: 22HP* – FX691
54″, 60″: 23.5HP* – FX730
54″, 60″: 27HP* – FX850
54″, 60″: 28HP* – Vanguard EFI

J&R Tractor 60

The Super Z is a commercial model that is a step up from the X-ONE. Its redesigned features include a commercial duty 21cc pump, a Parker TG series wheel motor with hot oil shuttle and large-capacity oil cooler with 8-inch fan. The Super Z also features Kawasaki engines and VX4® deck technology.

54″, 60″, 72″: 27HP* – FX850
60″, 66″, 72″: 35HP* – FX1000

J&R Tractor 61

For operators who want the convenience of a diesel-fueled mower, the Hustler Z® Diesel has the high-torque power to get the job done. The Z Diesel’s heavy-duty 25 hp engine is positioned over the drive tires, distributing weight where it’s most productive. A compact frame and low center of gravity give this mower increased stability. Boasting a top speed of 11.5 mph and Hustler’s proprietary SmoothTrak™ Steering, the Hustler Z Diesel works hard and works fast, making it a great addition to any commercial fleet.

25HP – Shibaura

J&R Tractor 62

The TrimStar™ is the most innovative walk-behind machine in the professional mowing industry. Our patented H-Bar™ steering is the easiest-to-use walk-behind system in the field, reducing operator fatigue. The TrimStar is a unique machine on it’s own, but it can fit nicely in a fleet when operators have had to reach places that pose problems for conventional “Z” mowers. When it comes to commercial mowing, we walk the walk.

36″ deck: 14.5HP* – FS481
48″ deck: 15HP* – FS541
54″ deck: 18.5HP* – FS600
54″ deck: 23HP* – FS691 (Electric)