J&R Tractor 66

MidMount™ Series

Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ M1 MidMount™ mowers feature a four-wheeled power unit with a mid-mounted mowing deck positioned under the operator’s seat and forward of the engine. The operator rides above the cutting deck for optimal zero-turn-radius maneuvering.

M1 MidMount™ modes offer superior performance and maximum straightaway speeds up to 11 mph and are ideal for residential mowing, commercial landscape contractors and high-capacity mowing applications.

J&R Tractor 67

FrontMount™ Series

Grasshopper True ZeroTurn™ FrontMount™ mowers feature a three- or four-wheeled power unit with a front-mounted mowing deck positioned out in front of both the engine and operator’s seat. The unit usually has single or dual tail wheels located at the rear of the unit, behind the engine.

FrontMount™ mowers complete complex mowing jobs faster and are ideal for residential mowing and commercial landscape contractors where mowing in, around and under obstacles is necessary. Low-profile out-front mowing decks reach under shrubs, fences and low-hanging branches. FrontMount™ mower decks reduce trimming around these and other landscape features, providing timesaving performance on high-acreage jobs with speeds up to 11 mph.

J&R Tractor 68

Implements: Grasshopper Year-Round Productivity Solutions

A complete range of year-round implements can equip any Grasshopper FrontMount™ zero-turn mower to handle just about any grounds maintenance job imaginable and extend the productivity – and profitability – of the tractor well beyond the normal cutting season.